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#1006 Super Deluxe 7 Shear Kit

Complete shear kit, includes:

• #169 Rockwell 60 Shear in 9” with holes to lighten the shear & removable finger rest

• #815 Rockwell 60 Curved Shear 8”, removable finger rest

• #850 Rockwell 60 Shear 8” lightweight shear, fixed finger rest

• #465 Rockwell 60 Shear 7” with holes, removable finger rest

• #930 Rockwell 60 Thinning Shear 6.5” 40 teeth, removable finger rest

• #962 Rockwell 60 Smaller Breed Shear 5.5", removable finger rest

• #75 Ear and Paw Shear 4.5"

• #109 Tri-fold faux Leather Case with snap closure

• Five sets of Finger fitting rings for custom fit

$364.00 $291.00

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Everything you need for complete shear grooming!

This Deluxe shear set by Antoine de Paris ® is great for the groomer that needs it all!
It includes 7 shears in lengths most commonly used in grooming.
The # 169 Shear in 9″is razor sharp and very comfortable to use, with its offset handle and optional removable finger rest it will feel like a dream in your hand. The holes in the blade allow the shear to be lighter weight for even this length, while still giving a solid cut quickly. For large breed dogs. The # 815 8″ Curve is ideal for the natural curves in the backsides, and chest areas. The #850 8″ Straight will give you beautiful leg lines, and it's light as a feather. The # 465 Shear 7″ is razor sharp and very comfortable to use, with its offset handle and removable finger rest great for small to medium breeds. The #930 Thinning shear 6.5″with its 40 teeth will allow you to thin the fur add texture and blend like a pro. The #962 5.5″ shear is perfect for around the face, and smaller breeds. The # 75 ear & Paw shear has a safety rounded tip, for those delicate areas.

Comes with removable ring inserts to customize the grip for your hand, (not available for # 815).
All of your new tools are protected in the leather tri fold case # 109. It has a snap closure and can be laid out on your work table for convenience or stored safely in your drawer and holds more than 15 tools or combs.


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