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Antoine, the creator of Antoine de Paris, Inc. a hairstylist originally from Paris France, moved to Beverly Hills California to open a Beauty  Salon. In the 1970’s he found a large demand for specific tools in the up and coming world of manicuring. Artificial nails were emerging, he invented and also discovered tools in the European podiatry line that would work perfectly for acrylic product prep and removal. Creating these implements from high quality Cobalt Inox Stainless Steel was key. This developed into a full line of Manicuring, Pedicuring, Esthetician, Podiatry, and of course Hair Styling metal implements.

Antoine de Paris has always taken pride to have top quality materials in our products, and built with durability to last. Our tools are hand finished, and each is continuously improved in design as the decades go on, and as needs and products change. We also show our clients a personal customer service, as we understand each client is unique as they may have special requests, we always strive to accommodate. Most of our staff is well trained in the beauty and medical fields, we have years of experience using our brand tools, and are happy to help find the perfect professional Antoine ® tools for you.