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#1002 Shear Kit

Complete shear kit, includes:

• #465 Rockwell 60 Shear in 5.5" with removable finger rest

• #950 Rockwell 60 Thinning Shear 5.5" with removable finger rest

• Two sets of Finger fitting rings for custom fit

• Two #110-Z faux Leather Case

It includes 2 shears in 5.5" length.

$137.00 $119.00

The # 465 Shear is razor sharp and very comfortable to use, with its offset handle and optional removable finger rest it will feel like a dream in your hand. The holes in the blades lighten the shear but still allow a full cut.

The # 950 Thinning shear with its 28 teeth will allow you to thin the hair, add texture and blend styles for fun new cuts.

Both shears come with removable finger ring inserts to customize the grip for your hand.

Protect your new tools in the leather zipper case # 110-Z one fore each shear.